Postal Uniform

12 May 2019 13:55

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Post office uniforms are used to identify employees as post office employees. Uniforms vary from one country to another, and in America, they use the same style throughout the country for all employees. Liteblue Login In some rural areas, the rules are a little less, but in urban areas the rules are strictly enforced.

Men's uniform

Generally, there are many parts of a man's uniform and it is highly regulated:

Pants - U.S. Pants worn by postal workers, blue-gray dark blue stripe on the foot. Liteblue They are high waist and five pocketed pants. The button in the back pocket is closed.

Shirts - Shirts are usually light blue shirts. Long sleeved shirts are suitable for cold weather and there are short sleeves shirts for summer. All shirts should be in the waistband and it is expected that the shirt is of button size and is well ironed.

Sweaters - There are also volunteers who are part of uniform uniforms. Sweater is a knitted jacket which is above the button. Wearing a uniform shirt under this sweater is typical in the winter months.

Shorts are also part of postal uniform, but they are based on the most strict guidelines. It is in the walking-shorts style and is full of knee grazing.

Uniformed woman

Pants - just like their male colleagues, except that they correspond to the size of the woman. Pants match well.

Shirts - Women's shirts are like men, but women's figure is cut in a well adjusted small size.

Sweater - Female sweater cardigan is also tailored to the needs of the woman. Liteblue It has a button on the shirt and is worn. There is also a pull-over option for women.

Shorts are also available for postal workers and men's knees.

Every uniform shop wears components of this uniform. These businesses are rare and the available options are only catalog sales and online stores.

With a simple web search, you can find those vendors who have that specific style. Cost is the same, it does not matter where you go shopping, because there is no change in postal uniform. Buying many pieces together is a good rule of thumb and you can get rid of it.

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